Brief Introduction
Milan Mosaic is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of various kinds of mosaic tiles in high quality standard for both fine architectural and residential properties. The wide range of mosaic tiles we focus on includes (but not limited) glass mosaic, stone mosaic, crystal glass tile, glass mixed stone, metal mosaic, swimming pool tile etc.
Milan Mosaic has a completely integrated producing process which includes product design, development, manufacturing and inspecting. This helps us provide our business partners with our own leading designed lines of mosaic tiles at competitive prices.

Specialist in Quality Mosaic Tiles
Milan Mosaic is committed to supplying huge selection of high quality mosaic tiles. We have a variety of colors, styles, materials, shapes and sizes to meet all you possible needs. Quality begins with authenticity, and color must keep up with design trends. Enjoy the unique and exciting collections presented to you for your home or commercial projects.
Our mosaic tile collection features bathroom tiles, wall tiles, kitchen tiles, backsplash tiles, and swimming pool tile design ideas. Whether you want stunning elegance, vibrant colors, amazing styles, or simple decorative borders, we have the best mosaic tile for you.

Our Integrated Professional Team
Milan Mosaic is proud to own a professional team which allows it uniquely focused on quality mosaic tiles. Our team can be simply divided into five groups which are design, technical, production, inspection and international sales. Most of team workers have more than five years experiences in mosaic tiles industry and some even have over decade experiences. Their experiences allow Milan Mosaic to be professional in every step.
Design Team: mainly focus on designing new mosaic tiles and bring inspirations. Also they help our clients design the layout and usage of mosaic tiles when come to a project.
Technical Team: mainly focus on the technology of mosaic tiles and any necessary technical issue during production. When designs come out, it’s their duty to overcome how to fulfill it. Also they provide training courses for new-coming workers to become skillful.
Production Team: mainly focus on the samples development and mass production. They control the whole strict and ordered production lines. Also our production team is combined of skillful workers and technicians.
Inspection Team: this is an important part of Milan Mosaic, the company that treats quality as its life. In every step we have inspection and data report, including raw materials selecting, designs outcome, semi-finished products, samples, final products, packaging etc.
Sales Team: Not only proficient in English communication, but also professional in mosaic tiles industry. They provide solutions, recommendations and advices to our clients. Our sales team is responsible to reply our clients within 24 hours in any condition. Fast response is a guarantee of our unsurpassed services.

Designs & Inspiration for A Better Life
At Milan Mosaic, everything we do is about designing a better way. Because a funny thing happens when you allow everyone to innovate all the time. Milan Mosaic, For a better life – is found in the choices we make every day. To do less would ultimately mean to be less. So it is we strive to refine and improve every element of our business from products and services, to manufacture and export.
Inspiration is the key to every successful mosaic tile installation. Whatever your project is, colors sizes and finish offer endless possibilities that should be sampled and explored before you make a final decision. Our products offer style, innovation, inspiration and value to professional contractors, interior designers and individual homeowners. So take this opportunity to tour the mosaic tiles from Milan Mosaic and find inspiration for your mosaic tiles, home projects or commercial projects.

Exporting Mosaic Tiles Worldwide
At present, Milan Mosaic is 100% focused on exporting so our main market is international. Therefore, we know more that which kind of mosaic tiles may suit that certain country and culture. Meanwhile, we have a strong marketing and sales team which collect the feedbacks from our customers. “You improve when you listen.” Exactly! We keep on improving and innovating base on our customers’ feedback. We’ like to tell you that we are professional and we are on the way!
Milan Mosaic has won the reputation worldwide by high quality mosaic tiles, competitive prices and unsurpassed service. We have successfully exported our mosaic tiles to over 50 countries and regions. The main market includes (but not limited) North America, South America, Europe, South Asia and Ocean.
Milan Mosaic will keep on explore more markets and study further the different needs of each market. We are running a database which includes the difference of each market and their customized needs. This helps us know more about each market and make us much more professional in the industry.

Design and Consulting
The goal in the design of Milan Mosaic is to maintain the “one-of-a-kind” nature of each mosaic tile without restricting the ability to produce the volumes required by the marketplace. To achieve that goal, we design and create our own proprietary formulas, machinery, tooling, and methodology which allow us to run continuously around the clock, and create the most stunning and unique mosaic tiles.
In addition, we provide our customers the knowledge needed to make the correct choices. We have an in-depth knowledge of our materials based on many years in the architectural surface material design marketplace. We can point out the features, benefits, pros and cons for your project. We work closely with you to put together a commercial or residential comprehensive design based on your exact needs and desires. Our skills result in a project that fits your budget, lifestyle, business image and property. At Milan Mosaic we have the artistic know-how and ability to transform your project into a personal ‘work of art’.

Unsurpassed Services
Milan Mosaic offers the integrated system services from design, consultation, manufacturing, quality inspection, fast delivery and after-sale support.
You can always count on faster response times, accompanied by excellent customer service from us.
At Milan Mosaic, we view ourselves as your ongoing partner to ensure your success in mosaic tiles, so we value our continued relationship with you from the initial start to the final end.
Milan Mosaic’s products and services are base on the three principles as below.
1. Partnership. Milan begins every production and project by working with you to perform a comprehensive analysis of your needs. Then we continue to work with you to create a unique combination of product, performance, service, and value best suited to your situation.
2. Focus. From design, consultation, manufacturing, quality inspection, fast delivery and after-sale support, Milan Mosaic is your single source for all your needs.
3. Integrity. We want you to know that you can always count on Milan Mosaic to keep our word, make good on our promises, and deliver the quality products and services.