Installation Guide Illustration

The glass mosaic installation instructions below are similar but not the same as for stone mosaic, so extra caution and attention to installation instructions is recommended. These instructions are provided as a general guideline to cover most applications; some installations may require a different or more detailed specification. An experienced, professional tile installer who is familiar with the following setting procedures should perform the work. Please read and understand these instructions before beginning any work.

1) Ensure that the wall is clean, firm, dry and smooth. Use a 3.5mm plaster trowel to spread a layer of suitable tile adhesive or white cement evenly over the surface to be covered. Use the flat side of the trowel to smooth the tile adhesive or white cement, and then use the serrated side to wipe out a layer of zigzag stripes evenly.

2) Take mosaic tiles sheets from different cartons. Press the mosaic sheet from corner to the whole sheet onto the wall. Make sure the joint between sheets are the same as chips.

3) Whenever finished install a sheet, use a rubber float (the mesh remains in the adhesive) and level off the sheets. Go on next step only after the adhesive or cements are dry. Usually it takes about 15-30 minutes.

4) Prepare the entire necessary grout float, using them under the instruction with a rubber float. Using a small amount of grout float, covering on the mosaic surface evenly, laying on along 45 degree repeatedly to ensure the grout float fulfill all joints. Always grout small areas less than 1M2 at a time or will make it difficult to clean.

5) Clean off promptly before the grout float dried. Firstly use wet sponge softly then the dry cloth.

6) On the wall, all steps for mosaic laying are finished. Daily protection: Clean with water as usual, use chemical when necessary and remember to clean again with water after using chemical.