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MILAN MOSAIC has updated its newest online catalog in September 2013. It is separated into glass mosaic catalog and stone mosaic catalog. The glass mosaic covers over 40 collections as below.

5/8 x 5/8″ Crystal
5/8×5/8″ Gold Line
5/8×5/8″ Iridescent
5/8×5/8″ Glass Stone
5/8×5/8″ Glass Metal
5/8×5/8″ Glass Stone Metal
5/8×2″ Crystal
5/8×2″ Subway Crystal
5/8×2″ Glass Stone
5/8×2″ Subway Glass Stone
5/8×2″ Glass Metal
3/4×3/4″ Gold Line
3/4×3/4″ Iridescent
1×1″ Crack
1×1″ Crystal
1×1″ Gold Leaf
1×1″ Iridescent
1×1″ Mirror
1×1″ Painting
1×1″ Glass Stone
1×1″ Glass Metal
1×2″ Subway Crystal
1×2″ Subway Painting
1×2″ Subway Glass Stone
1×2″ Glass Metal
2×2″ Crystal
2×2″ Gold Leaf
2×2″ Glass Metal
2×4″ Gold Leaf
Magic Crack
Magic Crystal
Magic Painting
Magic Glass Stone
Magic Glass Metal
Linear Crystal
Linear Painting
Linear Glass Stone
Linear Glass Metal
Strip Glass Stone

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FREE Download Mosaic Tiles Catalog 2013 from MILAN MOSAIC

The mosaic tiles catalog from MILAN MOSAIC covers the most plentiful ranges of mosaic tiles and the most popular designs in different finishes, sizes and colors. You are available to select the items you like directly page by page where there’s 21 pages in total and each page includes 16 items.

The catalog does not include all the sizes and colors of our mosaic tiles. You can always customize the mosaic tiles as you want. If you do not have the right size and color you like in the catalog, please do not hesitate to contact us to ask for

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